Friday Thread 🏃‍♂️

Good morning, my friends! ☀️

Have questions about running, training, recovery, an individual race, or anything else?

Or, are you looking for a recommendation on a great book to read on running, or a podcast/audiobook that you might love listening to on your run?

Drop your questions in the thread below by leaving a comment, and I’ll do my best to answer them — and, I’m sure, the amazing community of runners we’ve gathered here from around the world will also chime in. (If you’re reading this, that means you!)

One of the things I’ve found from writing The Half Marathoner these past few years is that you all know just as much — and many of you, more! — about running as I do. So instead of asking a specific question today, I thought I’d throw it open so everyone can feel free to ask/answer questions as they like.

If you don’t get your chance to contribute today, don’t worry — we’ll do this again next Friday, at the same time and place. — Terrell