Friday Open Thread: What do you know (or want to know) about running shoes?

What have you always wanted to know about running shoes? How to choose a shoe, what brands to consider (and which ones to avoid), how to take care of them, and what’s best for the kind of running you do?

Speaking for myself, I’m always flummoxed when I walk into a running store, because I buy shoes roughly every year and it always seems they’ve changed completely every 12 months.

Our writer Hollie Sick shared on Instagram earlier this week a talk she gave for 2 hours on running shoes, which inspired this morning’s topic — and if you know a lot about shoes, please share with us your tips and secrets. 😀 — Terrell

FYI: From today’s discussion, we’ll collect the questions you guys have and base an upcoming article series on what you want to know/learn — so fire away!