Friday Open Thread!

Good morning! ☀️ It’s Friday and we made it 🙌

I don’t have a particular question or topic in mind today, so I thought I’d open up the floor (again — we did this once before and it worked out great). What’s on your mind?

  • Have a question? Or a thought to share?

  • Something cool/funny/sad/exciting/etc. that happened this week?

  • Any accomplishments or goals you reached? Running-related, or not?

Also, I wanted to share a couple of newsletters I’ve come to read and love lately:

  • Julie Hughes’s Run to Write, a daily email for writers who love running (and runners who love writing), and

  • Neal Bascomb’s Work/Craft/Life — you’ll be hearing more from Neal soon in this space, as he wrote an amazing biography of Roger Bannister called The Perfect Mile, a new edition of which will be out soon.

If I don’t hear from you, have an awesome, awesome Friday 👍 — Terrell