I enjoyed reading this interesting and motivating interview and will put in practice many of its ideas and of course buy and read David's book. Thank you very much and stay safe.

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Apr 22, 2020Liked by Terrell Johnson

I really like the idea of setting a goal. Last year I started doing 100 miles a month and still strive for it. This past March, the morning of March 28th I realized I still had 31 miles to go to complete it due to a long drawn out sickness mid March, but I completed the remainder of the 100 miles in bite sized pieces. A run in the morning and short run in the evening after work. The goal alone keeps me motivated.

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Apr 19, 2020Liked by Terrell Johnson

Thank you for sharing this! I really connected with what Wes said in this interview. (He’s only 28?!?! He has a lot of maturity for 28.) As we continue running thru these upcoming months, we ARE preparing for future running! Hay in the barn. That was cool.

I also liked the advice he gave to find something to motivate you—run a certain # of miles a week or practice speed work, etc. After my virtual race is over this Saturday, I will give some thought to what my plans are next. Thanks again!

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