Salt Flats

A run atop Utah's world-famous Bonneville Slat Flats 

Salt Flats Endurance Runs

Bonneville, Utah | Friday, April 30 - Saturday, May 1, 2021

Run one of the most unique race courses anywhere on earth at the world-famous Bonneville Slat Flats in northwestern Utah, which stretch across more than 30,000 acres (or nearly 160 square miles) and are made up of salt deposits that reach six feet in depth in many places. A geologic wonder that goes through a continual process of wearing away and smoothing out thanks to the whipping winds and water that floods them each winter, the flats dry away in the spring and summer months. It is said that when you stand on the flats and look out over the horizon, you can detect the curvature of the earth — and perhaps you’ll get to see it at this race’s 5K, 50K, 50-miler or even its 100-miler.

$40 and up

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