Friday Thread: Your all-time favorite summer movie(s)?

Yesterday, my son asked if we could all go the movies together this weekend as a family, something we haven’t done in a year and a half. But when I looked at what was playing at the theater around the corner from us, I saw listed mostly features like “The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It,” “The Forever Purge,” and “A Quiet Place, Part II” — in other words, not exactly the picks I was looking for 🤷‍♂️

That, of course, got me thinking about the summer movies I used to look forward to when I was a kid — and by look forward to, I mean we were so amped and excited about seeing them we could basically think about nothing else. (This excitement continued well into adulthood, by the way!)

So now that summer is officially here, I’m wondering — what, in your mind, is the greatest summer movie you ever saw? What was the one you’d put up there as the best of all time? It can be anything (don’t let my pooh-poohing of horror movies deter you) 😃 — Terrell

I’ll give you a hint what my favorite is… 😉