Friday Thread: Running with your dog(s)

I’ve talked about her several times before in the newsletter, but in case you haven’t had a chance to be formally introduced, I’d love for you to meet Twix 🐕

She’s our 6-year-old Golden who absolutely loves running with both me and my wife, but has a very interesting little habit when she runs — she loves to twirl circles around the person she’s running with, so that you can’t make it more than a few steps without having to untangle yourself from her leash.

You think to yourself, “she’ll only do this a time or two, she’ll get it out of her system, and then we can really start running.” But oh no — she loves to do it again and again and again and again…

Our old dog Murphy, who also was a Golden, was a great runner with me — until he saw another dog walking in the opposite direction, that is. Then he’d stop, walk to the middle of the road, lie down on the pavement, and refuse to move until the other dog ambled over to play with him. It created more than a few tense moments in traffic, to say the least 😃

Thinking about her this morning got me wondering — do you have any wild/funny/unbelievable/odd/interesting stories to share of running with your dog(s)? Or any weird habits they engage in, like mine?

I’d love to hear! — Terrell