Friday Thread: Laughs 🤣

I’m switching gears a little for our topic this Friday, but I thought this might be worth a try 😃 I don’t know if you’re a fan, but John Mulaney’s comedy has become a HUGE part of our lives in our house ever since my stepdaughter introduced us to him last summer. We’ve watched all his Netflix specials and (tried watching his short-lived sitcom), and I still love them, even after watching them several times each.

What watching them has reminded me, too, is how much I’ve missed laughing. So much of popular culture is so intense — I’m thinking mainly of TV shows and movies in recent years — that sometimes it’s just too much. That’s not to say it’s bad; plenty of it is great! But I miss lighter things.

I was wondering, what has made you laugh recently — and it could be anything. Something someone shared with you, a funny incident you experienced, or a show or episode of a show you’ve loved that you happened to catch again. I’d love to know what made you feel a little lighter and helped keep you going. — Terrell