Friday Thread: How's your summer been?

So it’s been a minute (as my kids say) since we’ve done a Friday discussion thread, and I’ve really missed hearing from you all. Our family had a wonderful, wonderful vacation last week, but now our kids are back in school so — even though the weather is still in the 90s here — it feels like summer is over for real.

Seeing that we haven’t really caught up in a while, I’d love to know: what has been the highlight of the summer for you?

  • Accomplish anything running-related that you’re proud of, like a race distance you’d never tried, or something non-running-related, like getting a new job?

  • Quit a job and move on to something else that you really wanted to do?

  • Was there a challenge or obstacle you faced?

  • Travel to a place you’ve always wanted to go?

  • Get married or have a baby?

It can be anything, I love to hear how things are going with you all — I’ll be on the thread until about 10:00 a.m. ET, and then I need to jump off for a bit (but I’ll be back in later). Can’t wait to hear how your summer has been. 👍 — Terrell