Friday Open Thread: Remembering Gabriele Grunewald

A couple of days ago, I received a really touching email from a subscriber with a great question: Why wasn’t the passing of Gabe Grunewald topic number one in this Wednesday’s newsletter? She’s exactly right, and added this: “Just a thought from a reader, runner, and three-time cancer survivor who was profoundly touched by Gabe’s grace and courage and generosity, up until the final days of her life.”

You can read profiles of the amazing life she led — and the way she inspired so many runners around the world — here and here.

One of the things that I found so incredible about Gabe was that she (and her husband Justin) invited us all into their world over the past few years via their social media, to show us a part of the human experience that none of us get to see unless we experience it ourselves. And as the subscriber who emailed me wrote, her public life as she battled cancer was “a call to each of us to carry her mission forward – in our running, in our mindful living, and in whatever charitable causes we choose to support.”

I’d love to hear your thoughts too! Feel free to share them below. — Terrell