Trapp Lodge Mountain

A gorgeous autumn run along the trails of Vermont’s Green Mountains

Trapp Lodge Mountain Half Marathon

Stowe, Vt. | Saturday, Oct. 16, 2021

This one’s for the adventurous runner — from the starting line to the highest point in the race, you’ll climb roughly 1,000 feet to the top of Round Top Mountain along the trails of Vermont’s Green Mountains. The race starts and finishes at the 2,500-acre Trapp Family Lodge, and features winding trails through the mountain forests as well as along grassy paths through wide-open meadows, with views of the mountains in the distance. There are also some “some steep scrambling segments,” organizers add, noting that there’s about 1,900 feet of overall elevation gain throughout your 13.1 miles — which you’ll run once for the half marathon and twice for the full.

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A great running read

Before the now-landmark book Women’s Running was published in 1976, it was widely believed that women shouldn’t attempt the kinds of long distances men run, especially the marathon. Joan Ullyot, the book’s author who passed away last week at age 80, helped shift the way we all think and lay the groundwork for the explosion in women’s running we’ve all seen since then.

“You just have no idea how many myths and superstitions there were around vigorous activity for women then,” marathoner Kathrine Switzer told the New York Times, “so we needed this a lot.”

Read her touching and inspiring obituary here.

Words to run by

“Even if you never become an Olympic champion, or even manage to race abroad, just being an athlete here seems to lift you above the chaos of daily life... You can see it in the runners’ eyes when they talk to you. Even the slowest of the runners talk about their training with an almost religious devotion. They may live in makeshift houses, without running water, and sit by candlelight each night, but their best times for the half marathon are recalled with reverence. Running matters.”

— Adharanand Finn, author of Running With the Kenyans