Our 1st book to read together: Running With Sherman

I know there was a range of opinions on which book to start off our 2020 book club with, but taking the temperature of the room in our discussion the other day, it seemed like Christopher McDougall’s Running With Sherman was the one most everyone seemed ready to dive into.

And so Running With Sherman it is! Here’s where you can buy it from an independently-owned bookstore in Georgia that could really use the help:

Buy Running With Sherman from Avid Books

(If you’d rather buy from Amazon or Barnes & Noble, you can do that here and here.)

I agree it’s a great choice, for a couple of reasons:

  • It was just published this fall and thus it’s a brand-new book to nearly all of us, so we’ll all be discovering it for the first time together.

  • It’s about running and yet also about much more than running, which I think will give us a lot to chew on when we discuss it.

For those of you who had other choices, no need to worry — we’ll get to those later in the year.

How will The Half Marathoner Book Club work?

What I’m thinking is that we’ll choose 6 books for the year — that will give us about two months to read and get ready to chat about each book, which we’ll discuss in a discussion thread here at our Substack website, just like we the ones we chat in each Friday.

I’d love to do 10-12 books, but that may be too ambitious; let me know your thoughts on that.

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