Gozo Island

A run along this smaller, lesser-known (yet gorgeous) island in Malta

Teamsport Gozo Half Marathon

Gozo Island, Malta | Late April - early May 2022

Run each year over the last weekend in April on Gozo Island in Malta, the Mediterranean archipelago scattered between Sicily and the coast of Northern Africa, this race is near the top of my list of dream runs. Spanning about 26 square miles and home to less than 40,000 people — it’s a little bit larger than Bermuda — the island is known for its jaw-droppingly beautiful beaches, which have served as a filming location for the likes of Game of Thrones. Its organizers say the half marathon features uneven terrain for nearly the entire race, which no doubt makes for a challenging run, and its final couple of kilometers are the toughest stretch. But the views from the route of the island all around are breathtaking, as you get the chance to see sights like its Ggantija temples, some of the oldest structures in the world.

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